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Topics include “Internet Purchasing Strategies” and “e-enabled Procurement leads to global procurement”

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Phebe Archer
Producer and Director, E-Commerce Summit
Managing Director, dotcom srl

Phebe has lived in Rome for 30 years and spent 15 years organizing seminars for entrepreneurs and business speaker lunches for executives and commercial diplomats in Rome. In the early nineties, she published Doing Business in Rome with the US & Foreign Commercial Service, American Embassy – Rome and in the two subsequent years edited and published , Business Guide to Italy

In October 1998, Phebe co-chaired the Y2K & Euro Summit in Rome. 

In January 2000, Phebe founded dotcom srl, a limited liability corporation, to manage E-Commerce Summit. 

Increasingly committed to raising awarenesss of the uses of Internet and E-Commerce technology  for establishing a profitable presence on Internet, Phebe began organizing E-Commerce Summit in  January 1999 in order to bring to Rome leading experts from Europe, the USA and Canada to speak to executives about all aspects of Doing Business on Internet. Her areas of interest are 1:1 customer relations and European government and European Commission E-Commerce initiatives. 

With the Internet as partner, Phebe has built E-Commerce Summit (ECS) into a colossus with one of the most comprehensive international programs created to date in Europe. In fact, ECS  gained such strength in its infancy as to become an annual event, always on the first Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each October.

Phebe holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Hartford (USA) and in June 1992, was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the US & Foreign Commercial Service, American Embassy, Rome – Italy for “outstanding support for U.S. commercial goals”. 

The full Program will online at the end of Feburary.



Roy Ayliffe, Director of Professional Practice, CIPS – The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (UK)

Yves Barbieux, Chairman, (Switzerland)

“The One Stop Shop Concept” is the first European electronic marketplace to be devoted to the consumer goods sector. A place where purchasers and suppliers can trade in a way that unites efficiency, speed and cost reductions. The standardisation and rationalisation of processes, as well as the simplification of the supply chain for goods used in an enterprise’s production process, from raw materials through to packaging. It also represents a reduction in search times and in information transfer costs.

Corey Billington, V.P. Supply Chain Services, Hewlett Packard (USA)

“Transforming Procurement at Hewlett-Packard” andeMarketplaces: Public and Private”

Dr. Willem A. Boomsluiter, Vice President Corporate Purchasing, Cosmetic Division, Henkel (Germany)

“e-Marketplace as a Strategic Enterprise Platform”
The presentation will address important topics:

  • How B2B e-marketplaces upstream are more than a procurement tool.
  • Enhance procurement as a strategic enterprise value creator
  • Value creation goes from downstream to upstream
  • MP as enabler of virtual value networks
  • MP as platform for real globalisation
  • MP as a catalyst to efficiency of supply chains
  • e-Marketplace as integrator tool

Martin Dober, eBusiness Manager, Corporate Supply Management, Swissair Group (Zurich, Switzerland)

“eProcurement at Swissair”

Bernard Garcia, Director, the European Institute of Purchasing Management (Switzerland)

“Impact of NIT on Purchasing Strategies and Organisations”

John Geraint, Editor, Supply Management Magazine (UK)

“The Benefits of Web-Enabled Procurement”
There has been a lot of hype, and confusion, about the benefits that organizations can achieve by implementing electronic procurement systems. But what is the reality? This presentation will focus on the research evidence of the benefits that companies expect to get from e-procurement and compare them to the actual experiences of some of the early adopters. It will also address the challenges that purchasing professionals face in securing real cost savings, increasing compliance against contracts and improving the procurement process. The aim will be to give delegates a clear and realistic picture of the benefits that are achievable through web-enabled procurement.

Peter Gilson, Managing Director Europe, Siegelgale (UK)

“Online Brand Experience – Love Story or Dangerous Liaison”
A look at the role of interactive media (web, wap..) and its relationship to prospects, customers, and offline promises, around the Brand Experience Cycle

Paul Hartigan, CEO, (UK)

David Lahille, Project Manager, the European Institute of Purchasing Management (Switzerland)

“e-Purchasing and e-Collaboration”

Joanne Levien, Zone Europe eProcurement Project Manager, Nestlé (Switzerland)

R. David Nelson, Vice President, Worldwide Supply Management Deere & Company and Chairman, National Association of Purchasing Management (USA)

“E-business and the Global Supply Chain: The John Deere Experience
In only a few short years, e-capabilities have revolutionized core business processes from sales to service, to procurement and payments. John Deere, an early and long-time user of Electronic Data Interchange, now is implementing e-business tools that support leading edge supply management strategies. R. David Nelson will reflect on John Deere’s experiences to date, why the company is proceeding carefully and why relationships remain the foundation of strategic supply management.

“The Value of Peer-to-Peer Associations”

Paul Phythian, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management Practice, Accenture (UK)

Andrew Rigby, Head of the E-Commerce and Digital Media Group, Tarlo Lyons solicitors (UK)

“Legal Issues of On-line Security“
As Security continues to play an important part in building trust in the online environment, this presentation looks at the legal issues of security and applicable EU e-commerce legal regimes, the security issues on transactions and the practical aspects of gaining legal comfort regarding security when procuring e-commerce solutions

Kasper Rorsted, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA, Vignette (Germany)

“Driving Your e-Business for Profit”
The bubble may have burst, but bricks-and-mortar companies are still heavily investing in e-business. No longer regarded as ‘get rich quick’ schemes, or fashionable adjuncts to an off-line business, e-business projects are being designed to specific, measurable objectives linked to the bottom line. Now, as companies increasingly look to achieve return on investment for their e-business projects, they are examining the effectiveness of everything they do. Businesses are examining how their customers, partners or employees respond to their endeavours and how that behaviour creates return on investment.

Douglas A. Smock, Chief Editor, Purchasing Magazine (USA)

Holger Silberberger, Managing Director Europe, Cambridge Technology Partners (Germany)

“Plugging into eMarketplaces – Only Holistic Strategies Will Succeed!”
To integrate into promising eMarketplaces, companies will need to budget significant investments. But how are these efforts going? Since Technology isn’t enough to ensure these efforts, approaches without a holistic strategy will fail. This speech offers insights and examples regarding:

  • strategy
  • technology
  • usability needs
  • partner management
  • organization

Elda Simonaska, MBA Programme Co-ordinator, the European Institute of Purchasing Management (Switzerland)

“Competence Development”